Italic TV console

Italic TV console

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The Italic, hinting to the slanted italic typefaces, is an easy to assemble, playful console that can be arranged in many configurations. The durable birch plywood shelf is made up of horizontal shelves and vertical blades that lock together. Each blade is precision milled with a groove that allows it to slide and be placed along the shelves, creating a unique Arrangement. The shelf is assembled without tools, screws or glue joints and can be disassembled and reassembled many times. It is very stable and strong as each shelf is locked in place by its blades and own weight. The versatility and dynamic form of this clever and intuitive system console makes it stand out in an array of environments, be it in the home, office, public space or as a room divider.
Designed by Ronen Kadushin

Dimensions (width x height x depth)

180cm x 56cm x 48cm, Shelf depth - 40cm

160cm x 56cm x 48cm, Shelf depth - 40cm

Material and Finish Options

18mm birch plywood, lacquered (water based lacquer)

20mm birch plywood with European oak veneer, oiled

18mm birch plywood with white melamine laminate, oiled sides

DIY - 18mm birch plywood, no finish

Delivery time - 4 weeks

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The simplicity and flexibility of FIT’s production methods make it easy and affordable to specially order your individual furniture piece. Based on this shelving system you are most welcome to send FIT a price request for any modification you would like FIT to produce for you: materials, sizes, colors and finishes.

FIT_Italic exploded1SQ.jpg

Italic shelf assembly - Each blade can be placed along the shelves and create a unique Arrangement.